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Meeting our Firefighters

On Thursday 28th March 2019, a few special visitors from the local Ashgrove Fire Station visited us at Cubby to chat with the children about Fire Safety. They discussed with the children the importance of knowing what number to call in an Emergency and were very happy to hear that our older children knew the correct number, 000. They also demonstrated procedures to be used during a fire such as “Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go” which is to be used in the case of high smoke, and to “Stop, Drop and Roll” if a persons clothing is on fire. Afterwards, the children and Educators joined the Fire Fighters in the carpark, where the Fire Truck was waiting for us. The Fire Fighters demonstrated to us the equipment that is used during a fire both to keep them safe and to assist in putting out the flames. Educators and Children were then encouraged to have a turn using the fire hose with the Siren being used as they were leaving. 

This experience provides the children with the opportunity for them to engage with important member of our local community and to begin to understand the importance of fire safety in a safe and interactive way. A big Thank You to the Ashgrove Fire Station for their hard work!

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