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Celebrating Harmony Day

On Thursday 21st March our Cycle 1/Kindy children celebrated Harmony day.  We felt it was important to celebrate this day with the children as the philosophy of “Everyone Belongs” is integral in the Montessori way of life.  It is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and belonging.

In the morning, before the work cycle started, they decorated the outdoor area with flag buntings from around the world.  Then during group time they had discussions around Ms Theshnee’s heritage (Indian/Irish) and the countries  which the children are related to. Ms Theshnee showed the class her pretty Indian punjabi and to the children’s delight, she modelled it for them! They then brought out porcelain dolls dressed in traditional wear from around the world emphasising the name of the continent and county. They talked about skin colour and it’s connection to climate and sun exposure as well as different types of hair.

This was then extended in the morning work cycle through activities focussing on traditional wear through card material and sorted the countries out by their continents.

In the afternoon one of the mums, Lisa, brought us in Farl which is a traditional peasant food in Northern Ireland to share.   The children then made African masks with Miss Thesh and koala faces, representing Oceania, with Miss Anitta. With Ms Sue the children made mosaics to represent Spanish-European culture. Finally we had Harmony Day Medallions for the children to cut out and wear proudly.

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