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Clean up Australia Day

Our Purple & Blue Room children headed down to our local park today for Clean Up Australia Day. Prior to heading down, we discussed what types of rubbish we would see at the park – what was safe to pick up and what was not safe. We discussed road safety and how far we would need to travel to get to the park.

At the park the children broke into small groups and began collecting rubbish. The children had the opportunity to have a run on the bike track after testing many of their motor skills, stride as well as leg strength.

On our return trip to Cubby, the children continued picking up rubbish they saw along the footpath. They discussed what they saw along the way and was particularly fascinated with a payphone.

When we arrived back at Cubby, we tipped our rubbish out and spoke about the different rubbish we’ve collected. The children were very verbal in sharing their ideas on the rubbish. They discussed what is recyclable and what was rubbish. The children in the Blue Room suggested that the next time they see people throwing rubbish on the ground, they’ll say, “STOP! The bin is over there!”

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